Update Preceding the New Year

Matt has been very busy during 2014, working extremely long irregular hours at a job unrelated to anything tactical, but a job which has allowed him to leave the crowded east coast and relocate to a remote wilderness area within the United States. The new and improved workshop has been established. Kydex has been delivered. Knives are waiting to be completed. Survival training curricula is in development. Lord willing, business will resume in JAN2015.
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Matt Mann USA knives have been in progress since 2012. It has turned out to be a needlessly long project due to unrelated work taking priority. Matt had originally hoped to have the knives available for Christmas 2014, but he simply hasn't had the time. So far, 30 knives have been ground and heat treated. They still need to have handles made, be coated, and have sheaths produced. Several of the blades will be sent out for testing and feedback. If all turns out well, then the remaining blades will be up for sale here on MattMannUSA.com.
Here's a teaser... These blades are thick. They have clean militaristic lines and logical ergonomic features. They will be available in a full range of sizes, styles and tactical colors. The hilts will be modular and the handle materials will be modern and top-quality. The sheaths will be MOLLE compatible. The completed product will be 100% made in USA.
While Matt is working on the knives, he will also be taking orders for holsters and paracord products. These pages will be reinstated on the website shortly. If you plan to purchase a light to carry on your handgun, Matt highly recommends the Streamlight TLR-1/TLR-1s. All other lights will have to be mailed to Matt for molding on a dummy gun.
Please e-mail MATTuMANN60@aol.com with your input on the following:
1. What color schemes would you most prefer on a knife/sheath combo?
2. How and where upon your person do you normally carry your fixed blades? (belt/vest/pack/etc.)
3. For which handguns that you own would you like to see Matt offer holsters?
4. If you were to attend the perfect survival school, what would the school be like and what sorts of information and skills would you hope to learn there?