Help Wanted

I am interested in finding several people to help me establish a sewn tactical clothing and equipment company. Click here for details!

I have a considerable amount of experience designing and producing my own sewn tactical gear items. I would very much like to produce an entire line of sewn tactical goods, however – I have nowhere near the amount of time it would take to perform even a fraction of the actual sewing myself. I also lack the funding to hire employees or purchase the additional machines and bulk materials that such an endeavor would require. I also don't really have any experience running a business aside from personally hand-making and selling individual items. Therefore, I am interested in finding several people to help me establish a company:

  • I would personally design the patterns, select materials, and provide input regarding the sequence and technicalities of manufacture. I would also create prototypes. I would test products and seek input and feedback from members of the tactical and concealed carry communities regarding our products. I would also seek input and feedback from employees regarding my designs and any improvements that could be made. I would assist with marketing/advertising by promoting our products through photos and videos.
  • I would need one business-saavy person to manage the operation – including establishing the company legally as an LLC, helping me to source start-up funds, determining and paying taxes, hiring and paying employees, placing orders for tools and materials, finding a way of printing multiples of the patterns I design, marketing our products, ensuring the company makes a profit, etc. He or she would basically need to be able to take my ideas and make them happen. I would be happy to provide assistance whenever possible.
  • I would need several skilled craftspeople to sew clothing and gear items. The sewing would involve using industrial machines to sew through several layers of polyester or several layers of 1000D Cordura and webbing. If possible, I would be happy to let employees work at home using company-supplied machines, patterns and materials. I would have to discuss this with the business manager to determine if it would actually be possible, though.
  • I would need somebody to design a website that is compatible with smart-phones for displaying the products. If they could design a smart-phone-friendly version of my existing website and allow users to choose between the "desktop version" or "mobile version", that would be great. My current site uses a PayPal shopping cart. I would want the site to be switched over to a professional-looking credit card check-out system. I also wouldn't mind if this person was able to take my current website and make it a little more professional-looking. I would want this all to function under my existing domain name. This would probably only be part-time work.
  • I would need help with funding to start the company. I don't believe that it should cost a fortune. The money would be used for purchasing machines and materials, and paying employees until the company generates enough income to support the whole operation. I don't need to be paid myself until we begin to show a profit. If there are any interested individuals who already own industrial sewing machines, that would save a bit of money. I'm thinking that to start with, we should have perhaps four employees, four straight-stitch machines that will accept #69 bonded nylon thread, four straight-stitch machines that will accept #33 and #46 threads, two serger machines that will accept #33 and #46 threads, and one computerized embroidering machine capable of embroidering designs with multiple colors. I would need input from the business manager to be sure that this amount of employees and machinery would be enough to begin with.

I want this to be an entirely Made In USA company. We would never outsource any labor overseas and we would purchase only the best American-made materials if at all possible. The products I currently make myself are always over-engineered with very careful attention to detail, and I would expect all products the company makes to reflect these values. The designs I have in mind would be practical, durable and attractive. They should also be relatively simple to sew with the proper equipment. My designs would fill market voids because they either do not already exist at all, or they do not exist in desirable colors or camouflage patterns and would require other extensive modifications to make the product how it should have been made to begin with. My company's products would include backpacks, web gear, bags and pouches, pants, shirts, vests, jackets, hats, and possibly ghillie suits. My tactical products would be the best on the market and they would outperform similar items made by companies like London Bridge, Blackhawk, 5.11, Tru-Spec and Propper - hopefully at a lower or equal cost to the consumer. I am not looking to make millions of dollars while paying my employees as little as I can get away with; if the company is successful, I would do my best to ensure that everybody involved receives a fair share of the profits. If you or anybody you know is interested in seeing this idea become a reality, please write to me at Thank you!