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Cold Steel Customized Knives & Sheaths

About Matt Mann

Matt began making his own equipment at a young age using his father's powertools, beginning with "toy" crossbows that fired bolts tipped with sharpened nails. He had made several knives by the time he was in middle school, and there he learned to sew during a home economics class. Matt began sewing at home on his mother's machine, using OD nylon fabric, brown polypropylene webbing, and cotton thread from the local fabric store, making a bike bag, first aid kit, and a cover for his Boy Scout Handbook. By high school, he had made several better knives and sheaths, a climbing/rapelling harness, and a sturdy backpack that he used for school on a daily basis. Matt achieved the rank of Eagle Scout a week before turning 18.

Matt's 1990's Knives

On Matt's 18th birthday, he enlisted in the U.S. Navy to be a Navy SEAL (Sea Air Land commando). He left for boot camp in the summer of 2000 and two years later, after completing several courses of instruction, Matt graduated from SEAL Qualification Training and received his Trident. Matt excelled in shooting, combat swimming/diving, orienteering, obstacle courses, and general physical fitness. He departed the Navy with an honorable discharge in 2004.

Matt Slide For Life

Matt returned to Lancaster, Pennsylvania and attended Millersville University and Lancaster Bible College, where he met his wife. He graduated LBC with a five-year bachelor's degree in Bible, Health and Physical Education as well as a coaching certificate. Matt worked as a lifeguard over summer breaks and he served as an Assistant Scoutmaster in his former Boy Scout Troop. During this time period Matt also constructed about a dozen SpecWar-style ghillie suits, DuraCoated various types of firearms, and produced Kydex holsters, magazine pouches, and knife sheaths for customers across the nation.


Throughout the years of the new millennium, Matt observed southeastern Pennsylvania experience rapid growth and overdevelopment to the point of significant hinderance of outdoor adventures. After two expeditions to scout for a more rural and less populated home, Matt and his wife moved 1,000 miles across the country to a semi-remote homestead amid the Great Lakes. Most newcomers to the region apparently move in during the summer only to depart after their first six-month winter due to the incredible snowfall and bitter cold temperatures. The locals have repeatedly told Matt and his wife that they're crazy for moving there. Matt has established a new larger workshop where Kydex and paracord gear production has resumed. He will soon also release a full line of heavy-duty handmade survival knives. DuraCoating services may be reintroduced when the weather warms up. In the more distant future, Matt hopes to improve the property with special amenities for the purpose of offering a Navy SEAL-style wilderness survival school, the curriculum development for which is already in progress.

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