Guidance for enhancing individual readiness and self sufficiency.

Most people live according to routine and comfort. They have a well-established viewpoint of normalcy, supported mostly by their own life experience, and they do not like to stray far from it. They believe that humans are generally good with a few bad tendencies. The "Christians" among them often propose that most of mankind will eventually end up in Heaven. They value security, community, and above all else – safety, and they try to raise their children to be productive and moderate members of society. For entertainment they participate in or watch sports, play video games, and go to bars and drinking parties. They like to be amused. They do not prepare. These are the sheep.

Some other people live according to malice and greed. They feel entitled to take that which does not belong to them, and they don't care about the impact their actions have upon others. They believe that other humans exist to be used for their own personal gain. They generally value wealth and power. They have no moral compass, and they raise their children to be criminals like themselves. They exist as common thugs, organized gangsters, terrorists, banksters, career politicians, tyrants and their armies. They like to steal, rape and murder. They may be more prepared than many would like to think. They are definitely more prevalent in society than many would like to think. These are the wolves.

A few people live according to faith, patriotism and valor. They have a worldview, supported by all of history, that the Earth is an unstable place – capable of rapid economic, political and environmental deterioration, and that it will remain that way until Jesus Christ returns to set things straight. They understand that humans generally abide by the law as long as laws are being enforced. But they also understand that, due of humanity's sinful nature, many people will take advantage of WROL (Without Rule of Law) scenarios to commit crimes and atrocities and to establish tyrannical dictatorships. Because of this, these people value perseverance, self-sufficiency, and above all else – liberty. They raise their children to be responsible, hard working and warrior-minded. For entertainment, they shoot, camp, exercise, and engage in a wide variety of practical skill-building activities and outdoor adventures. They exist to protect the sheep. They like to beat the odds. They are prepared. These are the sheepdogs.

The following video follows family of "sheep" through one example of a WROL scenario. This is also known as TEOTWAWKI (The End Of The World As We Know It):

Biblical disasters prophecied to occur in the Earth's last days

• Wild oceanic events

• Rise of a world dictator

• World War

• Widespread Famine

• Pandemic

• Religious persecution

• Forced religious worship

• Earthquakes on an unprecedented scale

• Fire storms

• Lethal contamination of the Earth's water

• Prolonged period of total darkness

• Plagues of stinging creatures

• Establishment of a global "mark" needed to engage in commerce


Disasters that have occurred around the Earth during the past century

• Tsunami's

• Cyclones

• Civil wars

• Communist takeovers

• Rise of would-be world dictators

• World Wars

• Famines

• Religious persecution

• Democide

• Earthquakes

• Wild fires

• Blizzards

• Floods


Disasters which could happen in the U.S.

• Economic collapse / hyperinflation

• Civil war

• Fall to Communism (we are in the beginning stages)

• Martial Law

• Foreign invasion

• Epidemic

• EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse)

• Solar Flare

• Nuclear War

• Nuclear catastrophe (other than war)

Potential small-scale/personal disasters:

• Stranded/Lostness

• Vehicle accident

• Vehicle/building fire

• Power outage

• Mass shooting

Layers of Gear

There are many routes and steps to take in becoming better prepared for daily tasks and to survive various disasters. Beginning here, you will find good advice on choosing quality tools and gear to establish your personal survival kit. It is up to you to spend your money wisely and to learn the skills necessary to effectively use your kit.

First-Line Gear (EDC - Every Day Carry)

This gear is the minimum that you should have on your person at any given time to be prepared for daily tasks and self defense:

• Folding knife

• Fire starter

• Handgun

• Reload magazines/ammunition (not shown)

• Flashlight

• Wrist-watch

• Wallet (minimum of driver's license, concealed carry permit, and bank card)

• Keys

• Cell phone (shown in Magpul FDE case)

• Sunglasses (optional but very nice to have)


Second-Line Gear (LBE: ROL - small pack / WROL - web gear)

• Fixed-blade knife

• Rifle

• Magazines

• Compass

• Head lamp

• Canteens / Camelbak

• First Aid Kit

• Notepad & pencil

• Two-way radio

Third-Line Gear (BOB: ROL - medium Camelbak / WROL - large rucksack)

• Sleeping bag

• Shelter

• Water filter

• Folding saw

• Food

• Cookware

• Hygiene items

• Clothing

• Optics

• Navigation kit

• Consumables

Fourth-Line Gear (ORV)

• Pickups / SUV's

• Motorcycles

• Bicycles

• Sailboats

• Motorboats

• Canoes/kayaks

• Snowmobiles

• Dog sleds

• Horses

• Airplanes

• Power gliders

Fifth-Line Gear (Base: survival retreat/homestead)

• Ranches

• Farms

• Hobby farms / homesteads

• Hunting camps

• Large sailboats (especially catamarans)


• ALICE (All-purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment)

• BOB (Bug Out Bag)

• EDC (EveryDay Carry)

• LBE (Load Bearing Equipment)

• MOLLE (MOdular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment)

• NVG (Night Vision Goggle)

• ODC (OutDoor Carry)

• ORV (Off-Road Vehicle)

• PALS (Pouch Attachment Ladder System)(used to make MOLLE)

• ROL (Rule Of Law)

• TEOTWAWKI (The End Of The World As We Know It)

• WROL (Without Rule Of Law)