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Wilderness lake

You will frequently hear the tyrants and their "progressive" followers talk about sporting use of firearms, or the lack thereof. They pretend that the 2nd Amendment gives Americans the right to own certain kinds of firearms for the purposes of hunting and target shooting, but claim that there is no place in a civilized society for the possession and use of most handguns and military-pattern firearms particularly designed for defense against criminals, terrorists and would-be dictators. They label many of these firearms as "assault weapons" and claim that they should be banned because they have no sporting purpose.

As part of being a survivalist, Matt has a long history of engaging in outdoor pursuits that some would consider sports. He has been fishing since about the age of six, and he has hunted several times. Matt has embarked on numerous outdoor adventures involving kayaking, hiking, bicycling, climbing, swimming, spelunking, camping, etc. He enjoys target shooting with bows, crossbows, blowguns, air guns, pistols, rifles, and shotguns, and he qualified Expert on both pistol and rifle during his service in Naval Special Warfare. Matt will be the first to tell you that the 2nd Amendment has nothing to do with "sporting purposes" and everything to do with self-defense and the establishment of militias.

Since the "progressives" like to push against patriots the idea of owning firearms only for "sporting purposes", please consider the following:

1. "Progressives" really are only progressive in negative ways. Most firearms in common use at the time of the Revolutionary War could not be differentiated between "sporting purposes" and self-defense/warfare purposes. They were largely multi-purpose muzzle-loading single-shot rifles and pistols. Repeating firearms did exist at that time, but those were still fairly new. Over time, firearms progressed to manually repeating lever-actions rifles and revolving-cylinder pistols, then to semi-automatic and fully-automatic firearms. The materials from which firearms were made progressed from wood/steel/brass to aluminum/steel to polymers/stainless steel/titanium alloys/carbon fiber, etc. Have you ever heard "progressives" proclaim the greatness of advancements in firearms technology? Probably not. We also never hear them proclaim the greatness of our Declaration of Independence or our Constitution (unless they are twisting parts of the Bill of Rights to fit their agenda), although both documents demonstrate tremendous progress forward from the tyranny of the Old World's ways. Nor do we hear them proclaim the greatness of Jesus Christ or his church, although both encourage the world to do unto others as you would have others do unto you, and have elevated women's status in society and done away with slavery virtually everywhere that their influence has been accepted. No, "progressives" are only progressive in hating America, hating our liberties, hating Christians, and doing everything they can to destroy the free world while handing our earnings over to undeserving parasites, especially those from third-world nations.

2. "Progressives" have stated countless times that the 2nd Amendment gives Americans the right to own firearms suited for "sporting purposes", however these people seem to be the same ones who dislike sportsmen – especially hunters, and to a lesser degree –fishermen. So why would they state that people should only own firearms intended for sporting purposes? The reason for this is that this idea is fed to them by the tyrants. The tyrants know full well that the 2nd Amendment was written into our Bill of Rights by our nation's founders specifically to enable the common people to prevent future tyrants from establishing a dictatorship over the United States by giving us all the ability to form militias to physically fight them out of power. The tyrants also know that their "progressive" (low-information) followers can be used to spread misinformation by parroting whatever their leaders tell them, so they propagandize them with the idea that only firearms suited for "sporting purposes" should be allowed in the hands of civilians, even though the tyrants really want to fully disarm patriotic Americans and "progressives" tend to dislike the sports involving firearms as much – if not more than – the self-defense and militia uses of firearms. When was the last time that you saw a "progressive" teaching their kids to hunt or even shoot targets? It doesn't happen too often.

3. "Progressives" seem to be overly concerned about the impact of human activities upon the environment. This is one point where I tend to be in agreement with them as it is actually a conservative view. People need to stop destroying nature. Ironically, the "sporting use" of firearms tends to impact the environment much more severely than the self-defense/militia uses of firearms. Those of us who use firearms as self-defense/militia weapons (AKA survivalists) tend to police ourselves very well in the outdoors. We like to "leave no trace" because we do not want to leave a trail or give away clues about our presence, numbers, identity, etc. Survivalists tend to be quiet and dress in subdued clothing. We only shoot if we are hungry or in imminent danger, we eat what we shoot either way if at all possible, and we leave the outdoors very clean. Sportsmen, on the other hand, frequently leave trash in the outdoors. Sportsmen often dress in blaze orange, which dots the rural landscape in the autumn – warning others not to enter the forest for hiking, camping, climbing, cycling, etc. until hunting season is over and it's too cold to enjoy those activities again until spring. Sportsmen shoot because they enjoy shooting animals, because they think hunting is cheaper than buying meat at the store, and because they want trophies to hang on their walls and photos to post on Facebook. Sportsmen are frequently wasteful with the animals they shoot, sometimes only cutting off the hind legs and leaving the rest of the animal to rot where it fell. So, shouldn't "progressives" prefer to stand up for the true 2nd Amendment rights of American patriots rather than the alleged rights of sportsmen?


Patriotic survivalists burning trash left behind as a hunting position in Appalachain Mountains, PA

PA state forest trash burning


Matt has personally stumbled across trash discarded by "sportsmen" on too many occasions to count. The junk he has found in wilderness areas includes:

• Trail markers to hunting locations (streamers, reflective tacks, flags, rags, spray paint)

• Structures used for hunting (hunting blinds, tree stands, tents)

• Materials used for hunting structures (plastic sand bags, plastic tarps, plastic rope, trash bags, 5-gallon buckets, plastic cushions)

• Food containers (cans, bottles, plastic and styrofoam cups, plastic wrappers and bags, plastic and metal caps and lids)

• Bait (worms, minnows, salt blocks, corn cobs, apples, bread)

• Fishing tackle (hooks, sinkers, lures, rods, reels, nets, bobbers)

• Tobacco trash (cigarette butts, empty cans of chewing tobacco, disposable lighters)

• Spent shotgun shells and brass casings from cartridges suitable only for sporting purposes

• Other sport shooting trash (broken clay pigeons, shot-up bottles and cans, shot-shell wadding)

• Rural street signs destroyed by shotgun shooting in high-use hunting and fishing areas

Matt is very knowledgable about the types of gear and consumables that tactical shooters use. The junk he has found in wilderness areas left behind by tactical shooters or survivalists includes:

• One silhouette target left alongside a trail near a government obstacle course in a State Forest in Arkansas


Patriotic survivalist shelter consisting solely of long-dead sticks and leaves (no string, wire, nails, etc.)

Stick and leaf shelter


Patriotic survivalist camping in a hollowed out log stuffed with dry leaves and reinforced with old bark

Log shelter


So, "progressives", who do you really want to support? Sportsmen who trash up the woods and waterways while engaging in their preferred leisure activities? Or patriotic survivalists who mostly go unnoticed but might just save your life or the life of somebody you care about one day?


This trash was found at the wilderness lake pictured at the top of this page, approximately 6 miles from the nearest paved road. Please note that all of these items were used for sporting purposes – not tactical purposes. The shotshells are specifically intended to be used by hunters for shooting birds. There were two beer cans underwater that Matt could not reach. He will have to go back for them with a long-arm grabber or wait until the water warms up.

Trash from wilderness lake


It is virtually unheard of for tactical shooters to drink alcohol and shoot at the same time, but sportsmen frequently shoot while drunk, which is a contributing factor to the frequency of hunting accidents. Sportsmen also tend to become anxious and trigger-happy as their window of opportunity for shooting their choice game animal narrows while the day passes by, causing them to shoot wishfully at movement in the underbrush without properly identifying their target, which also results in hunting accidents. Tactical shooters know to positively identify their targets as badguys prior to shooting.


Now, to be totally realistic, most sportsmen are pretty responsible in the outdoors, just as virtually all survivalists are. Both groups are made to look bad by irresponsible hicks who don't care about trashing up their own surroundings and city dwellers who don't belong in the outdoors to begin with. Everybody, please police yourselves and others in the outdoors, and leave all wilderness areas better than you found them! Pick up other people's trash whenever possible! If you see somebody littering, take photos and videos of them and/or write down their description, license plate number, the date and time, and any other details you observed, and report them to your local police, state police, conservation department, fish and game commission, or whichever agency is appropriate.


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