Night Sights

Matt Mann USA can install your Trijicon Bright and Tough™ Night Sights onto your semi-auto pistol slide. Your sights will be installed and accurized for windage on Matt's 20-yard indoor range using professional-grade installation and laser boresighting tools.

Matt decided he was done paying outlandish gunsmithing fees  – sometimes in excess of a hundred dollars – to have tritium sights installed on his pistols, so he purchased a premium universal sight installation tool and all the accessories necessary to do the job himself. Matt is now passing the savings on to his customers by charging only $30 (plus $10 for return shipping) so that everybody can have their night sights installed for a reasonable cost.

To get your sights installed, please read the following carefully:

• Matt Mann USA will only install Trijicon Bright and Tough™ Night Sights. These are premium and properly-sized sights that should allow for complication-free installations.

• You must NOT send your pistol frame to Matt Mann USA. We do not have an FFL and therefore we cannot be in possession of the serialized frame of your handgun.

• You must send your entire slide assembly, complete with the barrel, recoil spring and recoil spring guide.

• You must send your own set of Trijicon Bright and Tough™ Night Sights.

• Matt Mann USA currently has adapters to fit the handguns listed in the PayPal menu below. If your handgun is not covered by this list, please e-mail and Matt will check to see if an adapter is available for your slide. Serious inquiries only, please.

After placing your order, you will receive an e-mail with shipping instructions.

Trijicon Bright and Tough Night Sight Installation
Make and Model
Unlisted Make and Model

• Matt Mann USA will not install sights on any slide on which one or both sights are not dovetailed (but we CAN do Glocks).
• Matt Mann USA will not install sights on 1911 slides requiring the front sight to be peened.
• Matt Mann USA will not install sights on Springfield XD series slides because the fit is too tight.

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