Carbon VI Survival Knives

Matt Mann USA proudly introduces Carbon VI survival knives – made extra heavy duty for extreme situations!


Carbon VI survival knives are made using laser-cut blanks and the stock-removal process. The steel is midwestern 6150 carbon spring steel – as used for truck leaf springs – laser cut in Lancaster, PA. Once ground, the blades are professionally heat and cryo treated by Peter's Heat Treat Inc. in Erie, PA. The handle scales are free-handed G-10 material, which consists of layered sheets of multi-colored fiberglass fabric fused with epoxy and pressure into a tough waterproof block. The blades and handle hardware are DuraCoated for rust resistance, the edge bevels are free-handed on a fine-grit sander, and the final edge is hand sharpened with a diamond rod for a very effective working edge. Matt has made these sharp enough to easily and cleanly slice through a hanging sheet of paper. The lanyards are 550 paracord tied with diamond knots. There are 1/4 inch holes in the guards for attachment of a D-guard made of 550 paracord, and a 1/4 inch hole for the lanyard. There are a total of four 1/4 inch holes beneath the handle scales (two are not utilized or visible with G-10 scales attached) to allow for proper attachment of a 550 paracord handle if desired. The pommel is pointed to use as a punch, but it also has long flat sides to use for hammering. All work is performed by Matt except for the laser cutting and heat/cryo treating.

Each Carbon VI survival knife includes a custom-fitted Trident Concealment sheath. The sheaths are made of .080 Kydex with Cordura web belt loops with Velcro closures for easy donning and removal, knife retention straps with DOT snap fasteners, and 550 paracord leg retention cords with figure-8 centering knots and Nexus cordlocs to keep the sheath from flopping around. Each sheath has a water-drain hole at the bottom to help keep the blade dry.

Carbon VI survival knives are made in several styles and a variety of sizes. Currently, only several Militia Bowies are ready for sale. Tanto and dagger styles will hopefully be available in the future. The Militia series includes generous jimping along the spine for secure thumb placement and a 1" choil for choking up on the blade for fine work. The Militia Bowies have a false edge along the clip portion that is not intended to be sharpened. The sizes are as follows (everything forward of the guard – including the choil – is counted as blade length):

  Overall Length Blade Length Grip Length Blade Width Thickness Size
Militia Series          
Scout 9 inches 4.5 inches 3.25 inches 1.500 inches 3/8 inch Youth
Venture 11 inches 6 inches 3.75 inches 1.500 inches 3/8 inch Youth
Minuteman 13.5 inches 8 inches 4.25 inches 1.875 inches 3/8 inch Adult
Patriot 15.5 inches 10 inches 4.25 inches 1.875 inches 3/8 inch Adult
Liberty 17.5 inches 12 inches 4.25 inches 1.875 inches 3/8 inch Adult
Spec Ops Series            
Veteran Bowie 14.125 inches 9 inches 4.25 inches 1.474 inches 3/8 inch Adult
Freedom Bowie 15.8 inches 10 inches 4.50 inches 2.000 inches 3/8 inch Adult
Full Circle Bowie 17.5 inches 11.75 inches 4.50 inches 2.125 inches 3/8 inch Adult

The Scout and Venture knives are intended specifically for use by Boy Scouts. The weights and handle sizes are great for youth and women. The Minuteman knives and Veteran Bowie are great for most adults and young adults. The Patriot and Liberty knives and the Freedom and Full Circle Bowies are pretty heavy and require some strength to wield proficiently. All of our knives are heftier than virtually any others on the market at a tremendous 3/8 of an inch thick!

To the best of our knowledge, all parts and materials that go into Carbon VI survival knives are made in the USA. The process to produce these knives has been very time consuming and the laser cutting and heat treating must be done in batches to be cost effective, so no lead time for custom orders can be established at this point. Carbon VI survival knives will be individually listed for sale as Matt completes them. If you want to buy one, please e-mail Matt at for a PayPal money request and wait to receive a response. Do NOT send money until you receive your request. Updates will be posted as quickly as possible when a knife sells. Thank you!

Minuteman Bowie in OD Green


Venture Bowie in OD Green



Scout Bowie in OD Green



Bowie size comparison with M14 magazine



Belt loop with velcro closure and retention strap with DOT fastener



Belt loop mounting plate                                                            Retention cord and water drain hole

2016-12-14-22           2016-12-14-23


Minuteman Tanto in Thin Blue Line








Veteran Bowie








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