DuraCoat Airbrushing Service

Not Currently Available

This service is for your stocks, magazines, accessories, field gear, etc to be airbrushed in a MultiCam look-alike pattern. This is called Multi-Color on the DuraCoat website and is in no way affiliated with Crye-Precision. The shapes in the pattern are the design of Matt Mann USA based closely upon Crye MultiCam fabric and will be unique to each firearm and/or piece of equipment (other than magazines - for which a stencil is used to make matching sets). 

Custom-built AR (built by customer)

”The gun just arrived. Wow, does it ever look nice. Thank you very much for the fine work. I am saving my nickles and dimes to get a Mossburg 590 done to match. I'll stay in touch and let you know when I'm ready. Once again, thanks for the great job. I like it a lot!!" -M.L.

Multi-Color Custom AR-15

Firearms DuraCoat Procedure

1. The firearm is disassembled as far as possible/necessary in order for sandblasting and airbrushing to be effective on all external surfaces. All parts are cleaned using DuraCoat Degreaser and then all surfaces to be airbrushed are sandblasted (except for certain anodized aluminum and parkerized steel parts). The firearm is then reassembled (at least part-way) prior to airbrushing.

2. All ports and spaces are plugged, and scope adjustment knobs are taped off (if scales are external). If the rifle is bolt-action, the customer must indicate preferences regarding the bolt itself since part of it is external. No internal parts will be DuraCoated due to tolerance issues.

3. Matt Mann USA's Multi-Color pattern is airbrushed onto the firearm as follows:

-Coat 1: Multi Beige background with Multi Light Brown areas feathered in 

  (Templates applied between coats 1 and 2)

-Coat 2: Multi Medium Green with Multi Dark Green feathered in 

  (Templates removed between coats 2 and 3)

-Coat 3: Multi Dark Brown and Multi Light Green accents stenciled over other four colors


4. After the airbrushing is complete and the DuraCoat has hardened, the interior of the firearm is cleaned again to remove any remaining sand or DuraCoat particles that have passed around the plugs. Trace amounts of sand and DuraCoat particles may remain in the firearm even after cleaning - there is no way around this; they will simply diminish and disappear over time through regular use and cleaning.

DuraCoat will adhere permanently to most materials that have been properly prepared. DuraCoat has excellent bondage and elasticity when applied to most metals, fiberglass, wood, and hard plastics. As you can see in the sample photos, Matt Mann USA does not apply DuraCoat to rubber or soft plastics; it is not elastic enough to withstand the flexibility of these materials without cracking and/or peeling. There is a possibility that cheap plastic parts could also be problematic. Although DuraCoat is extremely durable, it is not indestructible. it will show signs of wear in areas where parts slide against each other, and possibly on flash hiders and other muzzle devices, and it will scratch if it is heavily abused. On the other hand, it has taken about 12 hours to sandblast all of the DuraCoat off a large pistol for re-finishing here because the DuraCoat had adhered so well to the surface. DuraCoat applied to the general exterior of your firearm should last a long, long time.

Multi-Color DuraCoated long-gun: $371 (includes scope – if there are no iron sights – and one magazine)

Extra Magazines: $5 apiece

Accessories: $10 - $20 apiece (please ask for a quote)

Other color schemes and camo patterns are also available and can be applied to most hard gear items.

Mossberg 590 Mariner

Multi-color Mossberg 590

Remington 760 before DuraCoat

Remington 760 before

Remington 760 after DuraCoat

Remington 760 after

Bushmaster Carbon-15

Multi-color Bushmaster Carbon 15

Mossberg barrel showing detail after DuraCoating

Mossberg Barrel Detail

Norinco NHM-91 (heavy-barrel AK)

Multi-color Norinco NHM-91

AK-47 before DuraCoat

AK-47 before DuraCoat

AK-47 after DuraCoat

AK-47 after DuraCoat

Custom AR built by customer

Multi-color AR-15

Multi-color AR-15 Scope Detail

Multi-color AR-15 Magazines

Remington 870 DuraCoated Magpul Flat Dark Earth

Remington 870 FDE

T/C Encore Pistol with identically-DuraCoated barrels in common calibers

Multi-color T/C pistol matching set

Ruger 10/22 Stainless DuraCoated Magpul Flat Dark Earth

Ruger 10/22 SS FDE

Robinson XCR